Mermosa is inspired by a love story so powerful that it broke the chains of slavery. It's an epic tale of the founder's ancestors, Celestine, a Black Haitian woman, and Philippe Noisette, a white French gardener. They married in the late 1700s and blazed a trail of love and devotion that included Philippe claiming ownership of his wife and children to keep them out of the slave trade in Antebellum South Carolina.

Philippe's great success as a gardener led him to introduce the Noisette Rose, a flower bold and enduring like his beautiful Celestine. Upon his death in 1835, Philippe made sure that all of his money went to Celestine and their children. It could have led them out of the South to freedom, but Celestine took matters into her own hands and negotiated freedom. Her audacious spirit and their eternal love are infused in every sip of Mermosa.