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R&B The Improviser

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“The art of creating music spontaneously without the aid of a written manuscript.”

The Improviser is the result of my passions and stimulus of the moment: the creation of a delicious blend whilst tasting and experimenting with several different wines. A blend of Zinfandel, Mourvedre, Barbera, Cabernet, Petite Sirah, and Merlot, this wine is like a great swing tune. You start listening and all of a sudden you find your feet tapping in time with the music, but in this case, it is your taste buds! So, pour a glass and let your taste buds start tapping with joy as you savor the flavors. It is hip, happening and definitely “in the pocket!”

Vineyards: We are fortunate to have contracts with some of the best vineyards in Northern California. The Improviser is Zin-based. We, therefore, pull Zinfandel from a number of these superb vineyards to make our popular red-blend: Del Barba Vineyard in Contra Costa, Bingham Ranch in Napa Valley, Harris Kratka Vineyard in Alexander Valley.

Cellar Practices and Winemaking: The most important aspect of creating a red-blend wine is consistency, which means the most important aspect of creating the blend is the actual blending of the various varietals that go into the wine. While the vineyards may vary from time to time, and the percentages in the other blending varietals may change slightly, the character and the profile of the wine must remain the same. That is the promise that Kevin makes every time he puts a new Improviser blend together.

Vineyards & Composition

This unique blend is from our finest vineyards ranging from the Napa Valley through  Contra Costa, to Lake County and beyond.

Cabernet Franc
Petite Sirah


Double Gold Medal - 98 Points, “Best of Class” - 2012 CA State Fair Wine Competition

Double Gold Medal - 2012 Tasters Guild Consumers’ Wine Judging

Platinum Medal - 2013 Consumer Wine Awards International Competition

Chairman's Gold Medal (Double Gold) - 2013 Riverside International Wine Competition

Gold Medal - 94 Points, "Top 10 Red Wine $20 and Under" - 2013 Beverage Testing Institute World Value Wine Competition

Gold Medal - 2014 Tasters Guild International Wine Competition

Gold Medal - 2014 Consumer Wine Awards at Lodi

Gold Medal - 2014 Orange County Commercial Wine Competition

Gold Medal - 2016 Tasters Guild International Wine Competition

Silver Medal - 2014 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

Silver Medal - 2015 Tasters Guild International Wine Competition

Silver Medal - 2016 Dan Berger's International Wine Competition